• Time stops under the moonless night,
    Looking ahead to understand this fright,
    Seeing his cold eyes if it’s a joke or not,
    But never seem to look away as I fought.

    Crystal clear I heard him right,
    But my mind refused to comprehend the dark light,
    My feet started to wobble by the sight,
    But my eyes never blinked the shed of tears away from my might.

    Weeping sounds came out of my through,
    As I walked toward him, he took steps back from me slow,
    He shakes his head once more,
    Telling me to stay where I was froze.

    He tells me more clearly again that I was just a sport,
    Just a game for him, because he was bored.
    I knew it from the start, I knew it before,
    That I was just an entertaining puppet, but nevermore.

    In my past he told me I’m a beautiful bird,
    That my heart sings to his solid soul,
    When he watches me sleep, he tells me I’m his only dream,
    Kisses my forehead sings me a sweet melody.

    Slowly bitter rain bites my cheeks,
    But give me no reaction to its frosty leak,
    I have no coat, no source to keep me warm,
    All of this snows was no compare to his words.

    They were worthless compared to my frozen dead beat lump of coal,
    That stopped beating once he told me to go home.

    I closed my eyes taking a enormous deep breaths,
    Knowing once I open them after,
    My frozen lump of rock will stop existing inside my devastated cell

    Slowly I stare at him blankly, but surprisingly I hiss my words,
    That I knew I was his fool, a pointless world,
    I know I should never forgive him never more,
    But as always I’m the ridicules, irrationally, mindless, deceiving girl.

    Oddly I hear a strange harsh laughter,
    making me glare at him from his mocking crafter,
    Weirdly it wasn’t the mask I was so use to from his face,
    Never seen it before, not even once in my blissful string of red lace.

    He looked uncertain, for I don’t know behind the cause,
    That made him observe me like I was play a wild card,
    He looked hesitant as he glares at the frosty ground,
    Making him stare mean fully while he shake with an uneven laughter out loud..

    Blindingly he walks right toward me,
    stopping a few inches from my face,
    I could smell his sweet fragrance from his silky skin,
    He took a long moment before he looked at me.
    Than he speaks with a fluid black velvet voice almost spiting me at the words I told him.

    Something dominate inside my poisoned self,
    I could hear whispering mouthing words come to myself,
    Sting me off heating him for attacking me this way,
    Lifting myself on my toes to level with him.

    I glare ruthful at his shadow eyes,
    Clenching my fist into an uncertain size,
    I take an deep breath wish I was fine,
    But it seems to me I have no place to lie.

    The blistering cold whips my hair,
    My eyes traced his curve full lips feeling harsh flare,
    I knew I should never look at his eyes.
    Knowing myself I would lose my train of sought,
    But selfish of me I look once again I lost my thought