• Oh fiddle sticks
    Little Alice is hallucination
    She fell down the well today
    Says the cat
    Wants a word with me

    The cat wants me
    To fetch a Solemn Prince of a pigeon
    So they can wed
    Why does she wish to marry a pigeon?
    I ask the child
    She says so the cat’s children can fly

    I ask little Alice
    Why Miss Lickerets wishes
    For her children to fly
    She says as plan as day
    That it was obvious
    Then her children could fly
    Away from danger
    And go to many places
    But most of all
    She says so that they
    Can fly away
    And be free

    I ask the poor dear
    If it is not her
    That wishes to be free
    She solemnly looks at me

    Her big brown eyes
    Showing knowledge past her years
    And says with power
    In her voice
    “Don’t be silly
    Humans can’t fly
    So how can they be free?”