• Hellish bodies tossed about,
    The scornful mists arrive,
    A mournful cry of faith
    With bloody, calloused hands held high.
    To try to grasp the blackened rain
    As though to save a life.
    All the human bodies do
    Is hang onto the light.

    When morning comes
    We see again,
    The soul that hangs above...
    Our beds are shaken, hard, and damp,
    The blankets all torn up.
    Oh, how the ashes fill my mouth
    When fear and love combine
    And mingle in the river
    Of the Holy and Divine.

    The greatness that surrounds us,
    The taste and smell of fame,
    The touch of absolution,
    As the angel's sword is trained.
    The angled piercing glare
    And the lightning flash within.
    And the bodies all give up
    When the day of Fate begins.

    And onto what the chosen call
    The destiny we find,
    And when we all can find a piece
    Of fate, and that of time,
    Of choking and of crying,
    Of pleasure and of pain,
    Of finding one who loves us
    In the livid burning rain.