• Let me be free
    Don’t hold me back
    Don’t keep me from my drams
    Don’t keep me from being who I want to be
    Trying to protect me.....
    I am who I am,
    And I be who I be,
    And I don’t need nobody to rescue
    If you know I’m gonna die,
    Let me cry.
    If you know I’m gonna cry,
    Let me die.
    Don’t like me? Don’t change me!
    Cuz I am my own me.
    You aint blind, so why can’t you see?
    I still respect you, your friends and junk.
    So why don’t you respect me,
    Instead of treating me like a punk.
    I’m not your pet
    I be who I be
    I have feelings and I see,
    That not everyone’s the way they turned out to be.