• Darkness

    Walk along the dark trail inside the forests mouth
    breath in the cold forgotton air
    listen to the heartless sound of silence, of the once upon bustling town, which is now abandoned See the dark trees towering over you like supirior beings
    Close your eyes and what do you see, feel the cold wind sweep over you, the wind is colder than any other cold , its memories which are dark have polluted it, the nice summer days cool breeze has now become heartless, What's that you say? you know this town, why yes this is the town your were born in, remember? remember what you ask, remember the day you died, the day this town was abandoned the day the sun faded and no longer shined upon this happy village, the day complete silence and darkness took over and trees grew over it? you don't? that's because the darkness has taken your soul and memories, another victim swallowed up by the darkness.