• Follow your heart,
    even if you bleed.
    Just go to the start,
    you'll find just what you need.

    But because no one cares,
    you fall down in the mud.
    But you can't get past the stares,
    You feel like you're covered in blood.

    And no one wants to help,
    so you crawl away.
    Falling in the dark,
    there's no way to say,

    That what you mean,
    couldn't be,
    that you said,
    you loved me...

    I couldn't reply,
    so my friends did it for me.
    They said "Get lost,"
    but why can't you see?

    I feel the very same way,
    I liked you from the beginning.
    But you ran away,
    While my stupid friends were grinning.

    I walked off to let them laugh,
    I felt so empty and so very sad.
    You never came back,
    I feel so bad.

    My friends tried to cheer me up,
    but nothing worked.
    I feel so sick,
    and so very hurt.

    You must feel the same way,
    and I don't blame you.
    My friends eventually left me,
    took all my happiness too.

    Will I see you again?
    Time will never tell.
    I wish I knew,
    Cause right now, I'm living in hell.