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    The night is cold,
    The lights are out,
    The pain began again.
    From head to toe,
    The skin is stretched,
    The bones are breaking.


    The skin is split,
    The metal grows,
    The back has broken open.
    Two Dragon wings,
    Of metal made,
    Have grown between,
    The shoulder blades.


    Vision blurs,
    Hair falls out,
    Three long blades,
    Grow on the hands.

    Wide blades burst,
    From the arms,
    Spikes protrude,
    From the shattered shoulders.

    Sharp knife blades,
    Grow on the head,
    The Human being,
    Is now dead.


    The House awakes,
    They point and scream,
    Their eyes are wide,
    In utmost fear.

    Red eyes clear,
    Skin is black,
    Dragon wings,
    Upon its back.


    It looks around,
    Eyes rimmed with tears,
    The House it knew,
    Has cast it out.




    Its old friends,
    Turn their heads,
    As it drifts dreamlike,
    Down the street.

    The Dragon stares,
    In disbelief,
    As they all pass,
    Reeking fear.

    It senses repulsion,
    It senses hate,
    But overall,
    It senses fate.


    It was marked,
    With Dragon sign,
    On the day,
    That it was born.

    Its House sought,
    To find a way,
    To stop the change,
    And suppress the beast.

    No cure was found,
    The Human morphed,
    A Dragon formed,
    A Human lost.


    In mighty rage,
    A roar unleashed,
    Flame filled its lungs,
    With burning heat.

    The rage fueled,
    The anger filled,
    A pillar of fire,
    Burned the sky.


    It looked around,
    At broken Earth,
    Flaming corpses,
    On the ground.

    With great care,
    It had burned,
    The whole town,
    Where it once lived.