• Confidence
    People make it sound easy
    Make it look easy
    But nothing is that simple.
    Maybe if I talk
    Maybe if I walk tall
    But it’s not that simple.
    Some people lack confidence,
    They wish they had
    Strength enough to talk to a person
    Confidence to tell them how they feel
    But it’s easier said than done
    Easier thought than said
    I lack confidence to tell you how I feel
    To speak my mind when I see you
    To say what I think
    To think what I say
    So I’m lost
    In my time and my world
    Lacking the strength to speak my mind
    To approach the line
    You look at me
    I look away
    You walk towards me
    I wish to run away
    Confidence gone
    Strewn among the wind
    Nothing there but disbelief and fear
    Fear that you might disappear
    Think myself undeserving
    Unneeded and unkind
    And yet you look my way
    Confidence gone and missing
    As you take me in your arms
    And hold on tight
    You won’t let me escape
    So I can cry.