• Love lasts a life time
    crushes last a while
    and broken hearts last forever
    when you say you love me
    mean it
    when you say you care
    mean it
    if you want to be with me forever
    say it but only if you mean it
    if you truly care about me
    say you do
    say you love me
    you want to be with me forever
    then say it
    only when you mean it
    when you mean everything
    then you do
    you can't change your mind
    you can't change your ways
    no one can change love
    in an instant snap
    love is love
    no doubt about that
    you left for me
    then you left me for her
    u made me cry
    i had almost died
    i want to die
    u were my whole reason for living
    now your gone
    you help me up
    then you let me fall
    i've tryed to cut myself
    i can't bring myself to it
    i've tryed killing myself
    i can't
    too many people will be hurt
    if no one cared
    i'd be dead
    but sadly i'm alive
    it is said
    that once you die
    your nightmare ends
    your life is over
    there's no second chance
    there's no taking back
    everyone is hurt
    everyone's heart is broken
    every death
    takes a little piece of your heart
    i love you
    i always have
    and always will
    you have, will, and forever have a place in my hear
    and forever you will have my heart
    i love you
    no matter what
    i'm unconditionally
    and irevicibally
    in love with you
    forever and always
    i'll never stop
    i love you.......