• We're going round in circles baby
    everytime we turn around we're at the beginning
    And we fight all the time
    I know it's not right.
    I cry while you say it's alright
    But how can you be so sure?

    Tell me, tell me
    How can you be so d**n sure?
    You never know what will happen baby!
    Either way I'm getting hurt
    And I'm done with it.
    So kiss me like you did
    (kiss me like you did!!)
    I'll never forget.....

    You're breaking my heart!!!

    The way you act so tough
    It makes me sick
    I know you you really are
    You stupid B***h!!!
    I know you're just a fake.
    You never loved me.
    Show me how you know
    I'm still living


    Don't run away!!!
    You know you made a mistake.
    You lied and now you're paying for it!
    You won't hurt me anymore.
    You are soo due dead!

    Kill the pain!!!! Make it go away!!! I don't need you!!!