• My guys are as the necklaces i wear,
    one is my heart and the other my wolf,
    but they fight the oppisite way.
    My wolf goes through my feelings,
    in order to get to me.
    my heart is like a animal on the hunt,
    wild and full of mystery.
    They both love me,
    but hate the other with a passion.
    I can't help but love them both in their ways,
    but it is so hard when they are so alike,
    yet in the same way so different.
    I have my dark beautiful wolf,
    and my strong mysterious heart.
    I can't say I wish i had never met them,
    and have been saved from this war.
    I can only have one,
    but I guess my fate is cealed.
    I might have to do without both if it keeps on,
    if only to keep the peace.
    I have one in mind,
    but I am sure he is after another.
    He is neither my heart or wolf,
    but he is more balanced in between,
    he is more like me.