• Why am I not living up to my potential

    Why I am not living up to my potential this day ,
    is because my life is not substantial in some ways,
    I will hide what is closed up inside,
    Until I feel secure inside,
    The world around me I thought didn’t know,
    Could see that I yearn to shine and glow,
    Being that I can be some what of an introvert,
    Makes me feel as if I’m cursed,
    People may come by,
    but I am so shy,
    That I never tell them my emotions,
    As that is my devotion ,
    To go from a insignificant being,
    And staying in between ,
    I’ll have to get the courage, someday,
    and when that happens, I know that it’ll pay,
    I want to live up to my potential,
    So I know that my life is not null.