• All I ever ask for
    Is my one wish
    No one asks for it
    So its special

    Wishes take you far away
    To lands and different places
    But wishes you can regret
    Will only take you to one spot

    All I want
    All I need
    Is my one wish
    The blessed wish that I call mine

    No one plays with a wish
    No one eats it either
    So its not a toy
    Nor is it food
    So don't think of it as a joke
    And don't eat it up like it has no meaning
    Otherwise you don't get your wish

    So now I finally say
    What exactly my wish is
    My one wish is
    A lifetime I can choose what to do,
    Where it's all mine,
    Where I can control myself

    And that one wish
    Has always been granted