• Till The End I Always Said
    We Will Make It No Matter How Hard
    Our Love Was Not Broken In The Past
    So Why Has It Come To This
    We Never Stop Fighting
    Ever Time We Talk It Turns To A Fight
    I Could Not Even Begin To Wonder Why
    Why "She" Had Shown Up After So Long
    It Left Me Down For The Count
    I Had No Where To Go
    I Cant Run From "Her" For Ever
    "She" Told Me "She" Loved Me
    But "She" Has Done This Before
    I Love You I Told You That
    I Will Not Leave You
    It Just Hit Me Hard Thats All
    I Didnt Know What To Do
    "She" Is A Friend Ya But Do I
    I Dont think I Do Any More
    Im Sure Them Feelings Are Gone
    Im Ready To Move On With My Life
    With You Beside Me
    Love Me And Hold Me
    Like You Always Did
    For I Think I Have Seen That Light
    The Light That Lit The Path
    The Only Path I Want To Walk
    The Lonely Path Back To Your Heart