• You said you wouldn't hurt me.
    You said you were falling fast.
    Is this pain you brought,
    A wast of time you have?

    You came and tore my heart out,
    Now lays here a pool of blood.
    Evil thoughts in my head,
    That now begin to flood.

    You called me over,
    What a ploy,
    Toying with me,
    Must be a joy.

    You talked to me and lead me on,
    Then blocked me out of your life
    This pain and hate inside me,
    Is all full of strife.

    To be with you is what I wanted,
    To make you happy was my goal.
    Now all that is left inside me ,
    Is just a gaping whole.

    The last words I say to you,
    Words filled with grief.
    You are the one who stole my heart,
    What a good ******** thief.