• Mistakes, So many Mistakes…

    I turn to the twilight sky,
    Tears staining my face.
    I have made so many mistakes….
    I am suffering my current one.
    My skin silver in the moonlight,
    The screams echoing forever more.
    The face again in my head, Smiling as always,
    The laughter, Such a carefree sound.
    My legs buckle beneath me, Now on my hands and knees,
    The aching in my heart, That ******** pain.
    The friendship was almost broken,
    I am lucky we still talk.
    The silence engulfs me once more,
    My horrible bobbing now a whimper.
    Why am I always screwing up?
    Why can’t I just be accepting?
    Was my last thought before
    I turned and stumbled home,
    Living to ******** up another time. . . .