• A soft whisper,
    so sweet it hurts.
    Arms wrap around my shoulders,
    inside screams run...
    Why run?
    'to become safe'
    Why do i feel safe here?
    'because you love him...'
    Lips so soft and gentle,
    it feels as if only you can hold me up.
    Yet inside still screams run
    but i want to stay...stay in you arms...forever

    You drop me and leave,
    'I hate the world!'
    Tears freeze on my cheek,
    'why did you leave?'
    laughter blows my way,
    'the world is so curel.'
    They all joke and jeer,
    dreams come to mind...blood,
    steel, screams...
    'i whant them dead'
    Anouther whisper,
    'do not cry...I am here'
    or so you say.
    'Why are you here?'
    Your eyes seem to hold me
    'because I love you'
    Or so i think and so you say
    'RUN! run fast!'
    I step back but you wrap your arms around me.

    Why must you do this? for my life is nothing.
    nothing at all...
    why me?
    someone save me from him!
    Your lip touched mine a smiled so dark...
    it scares me!
    A knife in my hands one minute...
    Why dose he do this to me?
    everyday, every night...
    But one day i WILL be...free...
    or...darkness will take me....