• What atrocity in this world has made you so
    So angered;
    So vile?
    Your negative view
    Seeps out in strangling
    All the darkness you see;
    Can't you see it is your own?
    Can't you feel the light of the day
    As it breaks through heavens
    How can such an individual see
    Nothing but the ink-black of night?
    You see nothing good,
    Nothing meaningful.
    You scoff at such a word,
    As if it were a parasite.
    So much bleak darkness
    Clouds your heart and your mind.
    Nothing but the mechanics matter.
    No feelings,
    No lust
    No joy;
    Not even jealousy breaks through
    The iron barrier of your icy world.
    I wonder,
    If you were to gaze at the clearest and most pure
    Glass of water on earth,
    Would it be empty to you?