• Say i love you once, say i love you twice
    kick the dirty can and roll the shiny dice
    ill be your knight and shinning armor in this horrible nitemare,
    ill be the one you hold forever, ill be the one to make you better
    just give me this last chance to show you i really care, to show you i mean it when i say i love you.
    ill put that beautiful smile back on your face and ill drain all the hate and sorrow from your heart
    i will purify this black heart of yours that this monster created
    ill prove that that this boy can love again
    ill prove to you that ill do anything for you
    to show you i really care for you and only you
    this boy will save you, all he has if a paper shield and a wooden sword
    but with the courage and the love this boy has for you, will be the barrier and sword of his true love that will glow from his heart
    that will once again save you from the horrid dream and the nasty monsters
    this boy just asks for one thing and one thing only, it is to give him this last chance
    just open your arms and let me clean that black heart.
    ill be your savior,
    ill be your lover,
    ill be your one and only..forever