• i miss my angeL so much
    i miss the way she cuddLe beside me
    how she Loves horr0r movies
    but is aLways screaming when the scenes are getting scary
    how she introduce romantic movies
    and introduce the protagonist of the movie
    how i am magicaLy starting to like them
    and later on the first to react at every scene

    how she copy songs and give them to me
    s0ngs that i hardLy heard of
    but the Lyrics were suppose to be sung by me to her
    she'LL sing them f0r me
    and secretLy i L0ved them

    how she change everything ar0und me
    that even my friends specially my famiLy enj0ys her c0mpany..

    i miss my angeL so much..
    and if given a situati0n
    that i need to choice a girL
    am0ng the other girLs i had reLati0nship with
    i'd still ch0ice her to be with me..