• I sit in my room,
    waiting for you to come.
    I know you will...just like every other night.
    I hear the door creak open,
    but I don't bother to look up.
    I know it's you...
    it's always you.
    You come with your harsh words
    and harsher blows.
    And every time I wonder,
    "Will it be different?"
    I wonder Will you love me mommy?

    I lay on the floor,
    covered in my own blood.
    I pray for deliverance,
    but the blows still come.
    I wonder if it's my fault...
    if I did something wrong.
    I wonder what else I could have done
    to earn you praise and understanding.
    But most of all I wonder,
    when this is all said and done...
    will you love me mommy?