• Her smile is warm like a summer’s day
    But with beautiful features, a price she will pay
    She stood up for me, but this can be overlooked
    For she is Vanessa, Vanessa Se Booke

    Her frame looked delicate as she lay on the bed
    I got so angry "it’s my fault" I said
    The nurse tried to comfort me, but i shook her away
    "That fight was my fault" was all i could say

    My friends were drunk late at night
    They forced me to smoke, but i put up a fight
    They pushed me away, i was to tired to think
    Vanessa stood there before me, taking their hits

    She is gone now, another ghost in the night
    She stood up for me and put up a fight
    She was beautiful, but her compassion shook
    For she is Vanessa, Vanessa Se Booke