• What makes a muse run away?
    What makes a child go astray?
    What keeps the darkness at bay?
    Who makes the ferry-man pay?
    I have a heart so full of questions and no one to answer me why!
    Is it just because we're destined to close our hearts and then our eyes?
    Whoever thought they had the right to snuff out all my inner light?
    All we ever do is fight to show who has the strength and might.
    Are we meant to just keep guessing and in frustration sit and cry?
    But the burden will not lessen
    Am I to think it's all a lie?
    What makes a dreamer stop dreaming?
    What makes a conman stop scheming?
    What gives our lives deeper meaning?
    Why does my heart keep on beating?
    I guess I should stop stressing and leave the thinking for the wise.
    Go unanswered all my questions
    I'll find the truth deep down inside.