• It's amazing...the power of words
    Given meaning by those who would listen
    For words alone mean nothing
    Dust in the spanse of eternity
    Strung together with other words
    And they can mean the world
    To me...and to you

    I read the words you've written
    And I realize that,
    To another,
    They would mean nothing.
    But to me,
    They mean emotion,
    They mean power,
    They mean hatred...and love.

    And I recieve the message
    And I realize it is nothing but words.
    Words that stand alone, like dust.
    But when you writ them
    And when I read them...
    Together we gave them meaning

    You and I
    You, the writer. I, the reader
    We gave the meaningless, meaning
    We gave what meant nothing, everything

    You and I
    We created the world together
    And they, the words we have,
    They can do anything we want them to
    As long as You and I
    Have each other.

    For words mean nothing if not heard.