• The look in your eyes
    The feeling in my heart
    It pains me so
    When we are apart.

    The feel of your kiss
    Of your hands on my skin
    I thought a heart of ice
    Was all that I had within.

    But you proved me wrong
    Because my love is true
    I need you more and more
    With everything that you do.

    The sound of your voice
    Helps me sleep at night.
    The things that you say
    Tell me everything is alright.

    When my tears fall
    You're always there.
    The sound in your voice
    Is nothing but care.

    The wounds that I have,
    Are becoming no more.
    The pain that I've felt
    No longer is leaves me sore.

    The way that you smell
    The way that you feel
    Please let me know
    That all of this is real.

    Why do you love me?
    I will never know.
    I'm just glad,
    That it is so.