• You make me so mad
    I hate you so much
    Why do i love you?
    It always creepts to me and says "BOO"
    You make me hate
    Yet make me love
    Don't you get it?
    You'll be my love
    Can you not hate me
    It prevents me
    I try to make you
    But it makes you love me
    Why won't you listen
    You should comply
    Yet you don't listen
    You remain glistening in my eye
    You love me
    I love you
    I hate this feeling
    Why don't you?
    It would be so easy
    You could end this for me now
    Please do this
    I cannot take it
    It brings pain to me
    Yet you don't stop
    Why was i cursed
    I waited for you to end it
    You never did
    So i ended it
    I ended it with my life....