• Winter Home

    I wandered through a winter’s night,
    Weak and weary from my fright.

    I marched over ice,
    I trudged through snow,
    Just to find your lovely home.

    You opened your doors and let me in,
    A stranger, a traveler, but now your friend,

    You treated me as though I was one of you,
    As did such a number few.

    By you cozy fire I sit,
    While everyone’s heart is bright and lit.

    You walked on over and sat by me,
    You asked me why I was still weary,
    While everyone else is happy and merry.

    I replied, quiet as snow,
    That I wished to be alone.

    Yet repeatedly you came on back,
    You took my hand and coaxed me out.

    As winter did end,
    And ice did thaw,
    I saw my loneliness become
    Like a babies crawl.

    This does not mean that my loneliness did end,
    I just meant that it returned every while and again.

    On a day in weakened winter,
    I gave you my vow for your hand forever.

    This house is my home,
    And my soul is your own,
    And while I am with you,
    I am never alone.