• Love is a mysterious and powerful force that can either enlighten or destroy our lives.
    It is a magic in a world of science, laws, rules.
    Love adheres to no laws, nor rules, because love is simply a rule in itself.
    It shapes our live to hope,
    hope that our strife will lead to an ultimate love,
    something very few of us actually get.
    When one does obtain the ultimate love,
    they either fritt away thinking that it is not important
    only to realize that nothing is more important,
    Or they cherish it, every waking moment
    until the ultimate barrier come between them.

    Love acts as a plant, and we are the earth upon which is grows.
    As it grows to open up and become a beautiful red rose
    its roots grow deeper and deeper into us until it is so entangled, to pull it out takes pieces of us with it. Sometimes we are covered with so many flower of love, to rip them would mean leaving nothing left. It is no coincidence that the heart, the organ that means life, is the symbol for love. Because to have one's love is to have one's heart, and ultimately, one's life.

    So the choice is yours
    What will you do with the heart in your hands? Will you scar it and abuse it for your own sick and twisted desires? Or will you take the heart and mend it to you own in the highest form of self commitment?
    Make your choice.