• I’m so broken, even my heart beat is wrong.
    I’m so defective; my lungs fill with fire and empty needles.
    I’m so screwed up, I still think of you, and smile.

    You left me like this, to die to live, I don’t know.
    All I know is I hate you…
    I hate you,
    I love you.
    I can’t stop; my every thought seems like a crime.
    I still see you, and your friends.
    I act calm, I give a quick glance then I’m off.
    But you left me less than a man.
    Less than an animal.
    Less than anything.
    I am Anger,
    I have no physical form at this point,
    I float through the day.
    I smile and act okay.

    But on the inside,
    I am crying,
    As I wait for something new,
    Something to ease the pain.
    I take my pills,
    Like a good boy,
    But what good is it?
    These pills can’t change my feelings.
    Only my thoughts.
    Brainwashing can’t change your feelings.

    In my world,
    There is nothing, only the abysmal desolation of a land long forgotten.
    My world reflects me,
    Long forgotten.
    But I can’t forget.

    No, I won’t forget.
    Never forget.
    Love is not this, this is lust and jealousy clouding my better judgment.