• it seems that i have been forgotten
    pushed in to the shadows,
    it seems that things are changing far to fast for me to comprehend,
    it seems that this maybe the end of me and my best friend,

    we haven't spoke in days
    and she always going out,
    at times it seems that she tries to shut me out,
    it seems as though she has forgotten what true friends are all about,

    we used to be there for each other when things were really bad,
    we always helped each other when we were feeling sad,
    i was there for her when her boyfriends broke her heart,
    and she was there for me when the fighting in my home would start,

    but now that all has changed,
    and feel so very left out,
    maybe she found a new best friend,
    and if this is so then it really is the end,
    of me and my best friend...we've known eachother for almost 7 years...
    but now it is the end...

    i am forgotten but not gone to my once
    best friend....