• I awaken, wondering instantly why I did so
    Wondering why I should even move from my bed
    What will the day hold for me today?
    Good things?
    Or bad?

    I stand, stretch, yawn, and dress
    Preparing to go to that horrible place
    The river of people
    The temple of chatter
    The school

    Through the halls I swim
    Through the stream of bodies
    So many of them
    Just talk, talk, talking

    I think to myself
    How annoying they are!
    Those stupid humans think so much of themselves!

    I drop the thought as I head to the room
    And in there I sit in a sleepy daze
    My world has stopped spinning
    The sun has gone black
    My people are dying
    Of boredom

    The bell tolls thrice
    And against the current I swim
    To reach the sunny shores
    Of my own little kingdom

    When I arrive
    The crowds cheer and cheer
    They shout out my name
    "Long live our hero, our ruler, and our friend!
    Long live Tadashi, our Saiyan til the end!"

    The royal advisers rush up to my side
    Telling me there is an Ice-jin
    Just asking for a fight
    So I shed my school gard
    And change into my armor
    And off I dash
    To perserve my land's honor

    He smirks to me
    And says I shall perish
    That I shall die
    By his hand

    I scoff and I charge him
    Using the ancient techniques
    That my great sensei Bardock
    Took the time to teach me

    He proved to be such a minor villain
    That it only took minutes
    Only seven

    I triumphantly stride back to my home
    The day has been eventful
    There was a great feast and a festival
    All in my honor

    And I trudge on to bed
    My sensei walks in
    "Good night, my child
    I'll see you in the morning"

    "Good night, father,
    But I'll have to correct you
    It will be the evening
    Before I see you"

    He nods and sighs happily
    As I get into bed
    He says "Good night" and pats my head

    I reluncantly doze off to sleep
    Not wanting it to end
    I don't want to go
    Back to Earth ever again

    I awaken, wondering instantly why I did so
    Why did I have to go to sleep last night?
    And why does it take so long
    To go back to my own little world?

    (I was bored, people! So don't flame!)