• My head spinning, its out of whack
    I close my eyes and all i see is black
    Feeling like im posted up
    and everyone is lookin at me like a plaque
    they think they reading me, but they dont know
    Where i come from, What to do when i come undone
    They think im not a person, I try not to curse em
    But because of them, the situation has worsened
    And i just dont know what to do, what to say
    where to go or where to stay, The road just keeps changing
    And its dragging my with it, Its got its hands around my neck
    Strangling me, Im running out of air, im running out of time to spare
    Im taking to long, to decide whats right and whats wrong,
    How strong will i have to become, to over come this Test
    Maybe i can pass it like the rest, or maybe i wont be able to do my best
    And in the end, ill be stepped on, and walked over. Like im some drunk
    But im not, my eyes are open, and im sober, and im being dealt the leftover
    But ill deal with it, and even now im still with it, I still feel it,
    But eventually i will kill it, and i shall not spill it, to anyone else
    I will keep it to myself, because it is all i can do,
    You shall never feel this pain, only your own from worry
    But just bury it, and ill try to hurry, ill show you the light
    that i can see, even through all the darkness