• To try understand this.
    It's not that hard to get.
    I hate you.
    It's as simple as that.

    I hate what you've done to me,
    with lies and rumors.
    I hate how you've acted to me,
    always baiting me.

    I hate that you seem to want me to break,
    taking you down,
    and everyone else that gets in my way.
    I hate you.

    It's obvious,
    and I've said it in public.
    Yet you continue to bug me.
    Is it too much to ask for you to leave me alone?!?

    I've known you for years,
    yet you've always acted the same.
    A rude,
    idiotic boy who cries easily.

    I've seen you cry,
    and someday,
    I will hurt you so bad,
    you won't be able to cry anymore.

    I wish I could gather all my tears so I could drown you in them.
    The tears I've shed from the ways you've treated me,
    talked about me,
    and said things to me.

    I hate you.
    Now and forever,
    I shall hate you.
    I hate you.

    and forever,
    I will hate you
    for what you've done.

    Now go away,
    and leave me in peace.
    I want to forget I ever met you.
    Erase you from my memories.

    until you shall be no more.
    I could stab you,
    giving you some pain I've felt.

    I've felt like killing you before,
    to make you feel a tiny bit of what I've felt.
    But you can never feel it all,
    not from what's happened to me.