• Like the sun and the moon,

    We are nothing alike.

    You are the light that guides the people,

    As I am the darkness that gives uneasiness.

    How can I love one so different?

    How can this be true?

    When i appear, you disappear.

    We can not touch,

    We are so close but just so far.

    A web of questions that fill my head,

    How, when, where, why?

    Is it meant to be?

    Why are we so different?

    How can it be?

    What is it in me you see?

    May be we aren't so different after all,

    We are both stars that have purpose.

    If I am not there you wouldn't have one to guide,

    We are like guardians.

    May be this love is meant to be,

    We can not be perfect.

    We are who we are,

    The sun and the moon.