• Through the fire.
    Through hell.
    Not fun.

    No rules,
    no one to hold you back.
    People have been holding me back for years.
    Not anymore.

    It's time to break free.
    Away from these people,
    break free.

    No ******** rules,
    just you,
    and your fists.
    A fighter.

    A fighter who does everything herself.
    No one else allowed.
    Or needed,
    for that matter.

    An icy glare,
    fight gloves,
    and a trainer.

    Fun to be alone,
    no one to drag you down.
    I'm breaking free.
    So leave me alone.

    Such a little b***h,
    crying for her mommy.
    She's not strong enough.
    Of course not.

    I love them.
    More pain.

    The more pain,
    the stronger I am.
    I want to be stronger,
    to crush them all.

    Let's see how they like it,
    to be crushed by a so-called "friend".
    Let's see how they like the pain.
    The pain I'll bring.