• I know you're crying,
    I know you're hurting,
    I know you're weaping,
    I can hear your sobing,

    Please don't cry,
    Little sister,
    I'm trying the best i can,
    To make you smile and laugh,
    Everyday until the sun goes down,
    I like to see that smile,
    It lets me know i'm doing right,

    I can't stand to see those eyes,
    Become dim with fright,
    Or sadness alike,
    It makes me want to cry,

    Those blue eyes shining,
    They shine wonderfully,
    When you're smiling,
    I can tell when you're happy,
    And when you hug me,
    For no reason you need,
    Just do it because you need it,
    Mostly when you feel like crying,

    I am trying my best,
    And i know,
    I can never replace mum or dad,
    But i'm trying my best,

    I'm trying my best,
    Just to hear you laughing out loud,
    And giggling to your fun,
    Just let me hug you,
    And tell you it's fine,
    I am your older brother,
    And i will protect your life,
    With mine.