• Pulling Through the Turbulence You Started

    You are too busy,
    I am too free,
    We just have to go on
    Though our paths seem to split,
    Can we still try to have some fun?

    Can you still laugh?
    Can you still smile?
    Can’t we support each other?

    I know I am too loyal,
    But it is what makes me,

    Is it possible,
    That because I’m so loyal
    You want to be apart?

    I am flying through the turbulence
    Of the words you whispered,
    Not knowing how to fly safely,
    Around the storm, or through.

    The passengers will never know
    What is going on,
    But they think it is safe,
    No need for concern,
    Through the turbulence of your words.

    All you see is a fake smile,
    All you hear are light words,
    Hiding the pain you have caused
    This inexperienced pilot.

    I am weaving in and out of the turbulence of your words
    not able to see an end
    to the hardships. emo