• For years I fought it
    Never would accept it
    But I never could evade it
    Now it's caught up
    And I can't outrun it anymore
    Can't escape it
    It has me in a choke hold
    Pulls on my arms
    As I try to break away
    Slowly giving in
    This fight
    I can no longer fake to win
    And as the lines in my palms
    Start to bleed
    I turn my face towards the ever eluding Heavens
    And scream
    Damning this fate that binds me
    I long to look away
    But I have been hypnotized
    The fire in my eyes
    Is replaced with submission
    Like a lamb to the slaughterhouse
    I follow blindly
    Walking straight
    To where I swore
    I would never be lead
    Soon I will crane out my neck
    To make it easier
    For the ax
    Then I will be
    The way that was always expected of me
    Fooled by destiny
    And go on in life
    Deaf and blind
    To my pleading dreams