• Haha! I laugh as the child falls,
    he was skipping towards me with a smile on his face, erased,
    as he stares up at my evil eyes, he cries, and now;
    Now is when the melody leaves my waiting ears.
    All these sensitive tears,
    only to be seen, but the message never cues,
    lights in windows close down to the stranger passing through.
    Unwanted, a mysterious smile, lost in the path before him.
    Unwilled, the mischievous child, broken of his arrogance.
    Bare at skin and seething pain is running through his soul,
    but the cries are shunned with misery of this older clone.
    It is so very cold, but in a sense it is a truth,
    for what my instincts tell me is to let him loop.
    Circling his everyday with a prying eye,
    and to never let it die.
    But the tears continue onward, as my ears gently protrude,
    to pass the thriving nightmare to the preacher of the room.
    He is only there to sooth,
    but his words are just as lost,
    as the crying eyes push on, to invade my painless thoughts.
    It is the cost for what he taught,
    for all my loss it’s not a lot.
    But still I cease to let it in, the fear of my complexion,
    for I know that pain is just a sin -
    To break human perfection.
    Correction, pain has a pure reflection,
    a lesson of a lesson of the evolutions mind,
    so as these instincts try to leave the youngest child behind.
    It’s divine, without time, a chime in the ears of the broken drum,
    the healing sense of what I’ve won.
    My hands now cover the flesh of his burn,
    for the turn, the sight of reawakening.
    It’s taken me, this ache in me,
    rejuvenate the dream, found within the depths of fear -
    and leaking through the seems.
    The final cheer, as it lights up the land,
    to which the man finds comfort,
    and the child starts to stand.
    Then here we walked together,
    as the weather washed our dirty hands.