• The Angel runs,
    She runs from nothing
    She fears that it is something
    But it is not.
    She cries at night,
    Thinking about that Nothing
    She hugs Her pillow tight
    So close its like her mother,
    Or what she can remember of her
    The Angel is stuck on earth,
    Always haunted by that Nothing
    She thinks about it everyday,
    She even carries a knife,
    In case that that Nothing sneaks up on her.

    The poor Angel can't run anymore,
    That Nothing took away her legs.
    She cant touch or feel anything,
    The nothing took that away, too.
    The beautiful Angel can't hear,
    The horrible Nothing took it away.
    The poor Angel can't see anything,
    The Nothing stole her beautiful eyes.
    The Angel tries to fly,
    But the Nothing took her wings away.
    Now she lays there,
    Not moving, feeling, hearing, seeing, or flying.
    The beautiful angel sat there,
    She cried until she couldn't anymore,
    Until no more tears ran from her sightless eyes.
    Then, God came down to that beautiful angel
    And gave her back what the Nothing took from her.

    She could run, feel, hear,see, and fly again.
    The Nothing had lost.
    She had won.
    Now God looked down at her thankful face and
    He offered her His hand,
    Asking her to come with him.
    She looked at him,
    She knew that if she stayed,
    The Nothing would take everything away from her,
    Even her wings.
    She knew that if she took up His offer,
    The Nothing would never bother her again.
    Despite how much she would miss,
    She knew that she would lose,
    And God wouldn't be able to help her again.
    She grasped God's hand,
    And flew away on her beautiful, golden wings.

    The Nothing decided to leave her alone,
    And try to take everything away from an Angel.
    A beautiful, golden-winged angel.
    Someone's beautiful, golden-winged Angel.