• It's Valentines day again,
    And I can't stop thinking of you.
    About your voice,
    About your face,
    About you smell.

    It rings in my ears everyday, every moment,
    I can hear it, I can feel it, I can smell it.
    The love I have for you.

    You may not hear what I'm saying,
    But to me its very clear.
    The pain I feel is what I sacrifice,
    To feel this love for you.

    I know someday I will see you,
    A day not far away.
    I always hope that day has come,
    For the angels to take me away.

    But I can say to you loud and clear,
    On this very day.
    I still have not really moved my life on,
    From the love that I have for you.

    It may seem silly that I have not,
    And everyone seems to tell me the same,
    That it's pointless to live in the past,
    That I've wasted my time, and you will never come back.

    But my mind never ceases to stray,
    Away from my regular thoughts,
    To that passion, that feeling,
    The love I have for you.