• A young girl lies in her bed, her eyes are gently closed. Her soft blonde hair is neatly tied into a braid; it lies on the soft silk of the pillow. Her breathing is steady; she is in a peaceful sleep. Her mind starts to wonder freely and then the dream starts. She can see a hand grasp a goose shaped door knocker, she recognized the hand. It was a hand of a man she knew and loved. On the hand’s pinky there was a silver ring with a wave like design, going right through the middle of the ring. This ring never left this man’s finger. The hand then faded away into another hand, this hand the girl didn’t recognize. With a swift lift, the knocker came banging down! She then heard the faint sounds of footsteps in the distance getting louder and louder with every step. The girl knew something was wrong.
    In the concealing darkness she started to toss and turn making her bed creek. All she heard were voices screaming in her head, saying the same thing over and over again but getting louder!”He’s gone….he’s dead. Dead...Dead! Dead!! DEAD!!” The voices seemed scared and the girl couldn’t take it anymore. She covered her ears trying to block out the terrifying noise. The young girl almost woke up with a scream. She saw her grandma and her three uncles standing in her room. She had woken to find that her nightmare, her true nightmare had become reality. Her father was dead.
    How she felt was indescribable she wanted to scream scream , laugh, lol and cry crying all at once. She swiftly lifts her purple velvet blankets that once wrapped her in warmth, her family watched her slowly rise onto her feet not knowing what her reaction would be. With a quick movement she raced into another room and slammed the door closed. She quickly locked it. The room was like a black hole, nothing but darkness. She slid down to the floor and held her knees close to her. The miserable, salty tears dripped from her eyes. The moon then peeked into the room, glistening through the window. She slowly got up and walked toward the magnificent light hoping to find some comfort. She gazed out of the window, the moon smiled at her. The moon cradles the landscape of the night. She never wanted this to end. She didn’t want to go back to the horrible reality that she faced. Her only comfort was the watchful moon.