• I didn't know what love was, until you came into my life.
    You taught me how to believe, when things didn't go right.
    Until the day i met you, my heart was but a whole.
    And somehow hidden deep inside, you helped me find my soul.
    We could talk for hours, about anything at all.
    Whenever i needed you, i just had to call.
    Then I stoped seing you, for just a little while.
    I only saw you sometime, just so you would smile.
    I realized that this love, was never the best choice.
    I was ready to speak my mind, to let you hear my voice.
    But you found another, somebody you liked more.
    I didn't have to worry, there would be no war.
    So now were not together, we are so far apart.
    And thankfully I know, there is no pain in my heart.
    For I know that your happy, and someday I will be to.
    I will find that special someone, i hope somone like you.
    Somebody that will make me, feel like im the queen.
    To make me feel happy, someone to make me beam.
    I hope that you are happy, for now till up above.
    Cause we all deserve happiness, in this crazy game of love.

    heart Anna heart