• Wonderful Things

    wonderful things i seen
    like people when i see the outside
    i realize the inside
    like animals when i see there scary faces
    i realize their feelings
    but i never see the true me
    always pretending
    and always out of place
    when i face creatures
    what i see is anger
    i don't know why
    but i know I'm not like them
    with that ,i hid my face
    'cause i wanna know why are they like that
    i want to see the feelings of others
    biggrin crying stressed sweatdrop xp mad
    but i can't
    and i know there's a reason
    why the lord did not give us that things
    and because of that,
    i realize that not always our wishes will come true
    and that lord has a reason

    biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin