• Trapped here alone in darkness, candlelight my guide
    Bishop cast your spell on my soul, and heal me
    These wounds spread wide, yet not for the eye to see
    Feelings swirling chasm, for what hell do I pride?

    Sitting intently in front of this epochal instrument
    Olden piano wood framed soothing touch
    Shooting shadows of sparse warmth on my detriment
    Cast chillingly alone, too much for these halls to bear

    Commanding to play such music, never more
    So I dash my hands against the ivory keys!
    Strike dissonant chords of atonal atrophy
    Hammering my heart-wrench upon the fore

    Distant, weeping beside my musical tomb
    The relic lies quite, stark silent wail
    For my life's years it should finally fail
    Calling out beyond the walls of this barren room

    Dirty tears crash the floor laden with dust
    Hypothermia of the mind chokes my sight
    Dreams of tickling sweet take flight
    For my ethereal muse I shall always lust

    Crying on the ground, huddled in my vain
    Seems ghosts have taken pity on this eve
    They compose for me a requiem whilst I grieve
    Within my misery their melody will remain

    Screaming alone for the eternal days
    As nights are no longer distinguishable
    Vehement depression almost whimsical
    As the piano plays...