• You push me into a corner
    And silence me
    Making me swallow my words
    Never allow them to see the lights day

    You enjoy the sights of my pain
    The agony it brings me along the way
    Your generous smirk seems to say it all
    As your face shows no sign of sympathy
    At my fall

    I wonder why your doing this
    Why does it have to be me
    Best friends I once thought
    Now I must flee
    Your the attack
    And I the victim
    It fits hand in hand
    I don't quite understand

    You hear my bloody screams
    My constant moans, my hurting gleams
    You sit there and keep laughing
    My words go through your ears
    They key staffing

    I don't quote understand why this brings you joy
    The situation is coy
    The idea of my shuddering
    And the fear you see in my eye
    You love how your the superior, taunting me with each sigh

    I cannot escape your grasp
    Nor the cold hearted stare you give
    And it hurts me, kills me, destroys me
    Why can't you let me live?

    I know who you are the one that keeps me captive
    I can't be so adaptive
    To my once was friend
    When will the pain end

    Painful agony