• Send Me Down I Wear No Frown

    I don't like Heaven
    or the Archangels of seven
    I'd rather go to Hell,
    where I'd be much more well.

    I'd rather be warm
    in the different form
    of a burning fire,
    by my own desire.

    The angels
    would tangle
    me up in their wings,
    for I am not careful with those kinds of things.

    The Devil's spear
    would not derive a tear
    and would be much easier to bear,
    than God's stringent stare.

    I fear great heights
    and also bright lights
    it's easier under the floor,
    in the place I quite adore.

    I fear my fate
    to go there at this rate
    up there I don't belong,
    rather down here with the stark throng.

    I don't want to fly
    for surely I will die
    when I fall to the ground,
    back where I should've been bound.

    I really am good-hearted
    my humanity has not yet departed
    but I still have yet to see the love,
    of that castle up above.

    So whether I'm certainly right
    or dead wrong when in light
    you may as well
    just send me to Hell.