• ever since the day i saw you
    i was on the swing
    you came to get the football
    and i almost kicked you in the face
    i regret that
    because of your cuteness
    ever since then,
    you were in my head
    always thinking bout you
    and still thinking bout you
    wishing that you would notice me
    even though you liked my friend
    i wanted you to be mine
    and now i know you will never be mine
    but always thinking about how it would be like if you were mine
    wanting to be yours
    wanting to talk to you
    but never has the guts to say a word
    thinking you might not want to hear
    always searching for you
    just to see your face
    sad that you and my best friend used to date
    wondering if i'll ever have a chance with you
    always having you in my heart
    wondering if you still like my best friend
    sad that my friend still likes you a lot
    but also happy for her and you
    you two shall be together
    for now,
    i still like/love you
    and might always will
    you were my first crush
    and is still my crush
    its been 3 years now
    and i still like you
    i dont know why
    i think its because of your looks
    i want to let you go
    but i cant
    i dont know why i want to let you go
    maybe because you and my friend are meant to be
    wishing that you will read this poem i wrote to you