• Beyond the shadows of the heart lies a creature so horrid,
    That all who hears its name spoken in tongue,
    Cower in fear of being hunted ferociously down,
    By a furry monster thrice the size of a bear.

    Crimson oval eyes gleaming from a distance,
    Lips moist with venom, thirsting a pool of blood,
    Becoming still and ready to pounce on its prey,
    Scheming a web full of mysterious evil and trickery.

    A low deep growl emerges from its drooling mouth,
    Eyes as clear as glass, sharp and in sheer focus,
    Powerful legs reassembling in a fighting position,
    Its inhuman speed, too fast for the eye to catch.

    At the moment its prey turns away, unknowing of its fate,
    Leaping into action, the fast animal seizes the game,
    Angrily ripping flesh off without a single strain,
    Making a clean kill, aimed right into their heart.

    Legends ascend, stories arouse, bringing the truth alive,
    Something no one is willing to face, not even the strongest,
    For this predator awakens at dusk, setting out to have a feast,
    Consuming fully anything and everything in its path.

    Beyond the shadows of your heart lies a mythical devil,
    That silently awaits and plans its next move,
    Howling at the midnight moon, calling many friends,
    Beyond the shadows of the heart lies this foul beast.