• i am a humam. i feel, see, i touch.
    i hurt, i cry, i love.ive felt so many things.
    ive felt anger when i was lied to so
    many times.
    ive felt sadness when i knew i never would love again.
    i felt sadness when he left me, with a broken heart.
    ive felt the pain when he beat me endlessly and made me cry till i couldnt no more.
    ive felt the love when he held me in his arms and whispered in my ears
    "babe i love you" then lost it when he said "i hate you"
    i cried when he left, when i knew the only person who ever loved me
    abandonded me.
    i saw in the mirror the mess i have became and touched my it
    to see if it was actually me.
    i saw a girl who was at the borderline of a meltdown. one who was gonna give up on life. she wasn't human.
    she wasn't me.
    she wasn't human.